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What do people say about SwapAce?

"As a new site member of your website, I am overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. I am rating your website as the greatest site ever created; the concept of getting something for nothing is truly out of this world."


"...congratulations on a terrific site. We have mentioned your site in our weekly "Tuesday Report" which is found at the bottom of our home page,"

Bob Meyer, Publisher, Barternews magazine

"CONGRATULATIONS, the site is original and well laid out and, you can rest assured that I will be using it and, of course, I will spread the word through The Casino Art Centre.."


"…thank you for your efforts in preventing fraud on the site. …something that ebay or overstock would never do. Nice to see actual customer service. Thank you again"


"…your site is AWESOME! Keep Up the Great Work!"


"I love the idea of the site. For many years I have exchanged my art for items or money. Now I can do it on the net …"


"I am a self-taught artist. I used to always donate or give away my best works of art, but now I am trying to make a profit or at least get something to show for it…Thanks!"


...Thanks for the great site – I saw your article in the Leader – cool stuff. I'll recommend it to others"


"...Just want to say what a great website. Easy to use such as easy registration, easy process in posting an item up. Cant wait until I actually transact something. Good work and hope it works out for all people who developed and inputted into this site."


...and about the big sites?

"It is amazing to me with all the clientele that Ebay has, that it has to raise prices.. I am just a little guy, I am not a large storefront. Why can't you charge accordingly and instead of passing the expense of the larger stores down to us, why don't you bill us accordingly by the $ volume we put in our stores?"

Sincerely, a sad ebayer that might have to close her storefront soon

...and about buying locally?

"People prefer to buy locally but there hasn't been an efficient way for them to find each other"

Piper Jaffray, Safa Raschtchy, Senior Analyst, 2005

Awarded Top 10 Coolest Companies Awarded Government Grant for Innovation Recognised as Leading E-Entrepreneurs Awarded Innovative Technology
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