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Example of How To Advertise To Buy A Car (Buying An Item)


For a general overview, please see 'Overview of Buying, Selling, Swapping & Meeting' help article.

Step-By-Step Example

This example explains how to advertise that you want to buy a car.

In Summary

This example will show you how to:

  1. Create An Item
  2. Advertise Your Item

In Detail

This example helps you understand how you can use SwapAce to advertise that you want to buy a car. It will help you understand how to create and advertise this item (as an auction for 30 days, asking for offers of money only).

  1. Create An Item

    Select 'Add New Item' from the 'My Stuff' sidebar. (For more information about adding an item please see the help article on 'How Do I Add An Item').

    Create An Item Now.

    Example: Car Item

    If you would like to buy a car, you may add your item like this:

    1. Select Item Type: Obtain
    2. Select Item Category: Products > Vehicles & Transport > Vehicles > Cars > Small
    3. Add Item Details:
      • Item Title: 1995 Holden Barina Wanted
      • Item Description:
        Looking for a cheap Holden Barina, preferably with the following specs:

          Must Be:

        • Good Condition
        • Less than 150 000 kms
        • Manual
        • 1.4 Litre
        • White, Black or Blue in colour
        • Fully registered and road worthy
        • Extras

        • CD player
        • Alarm / Immobiliser

  2. Advertise Your Item

    Select 'Advertise Item' from the 'My Stuff' sidebar or when viewing the item details. (For more information about advertising an item please see the help article on 'How Do I Advertise An Item?').

    Advertise An Item Now. (FREE)

    Example: Car Advertisement

    If you would like to create an advertisement with your car item, you may add you advertisement like this:

    1. Select Advertisement Type: Money Only
    2. Add Advertisement Details:
      • Advertisement Duration: 30 days
      • Maximum Price:$6000
      • Payment Options:
        • Direct Bank Deposit
        • Cash On Delivery (COD)
      • Delivery/Shipping Options: Both parties (myself and the person whose offer I accept) to meet in person and exchange any relevant items/money
      • Optional Comments: only offers from Brisbane residents. I would to inspect any car offers on weekends.

What Happens Next

  • Receive Offers From Others: people can make offers to you. You can accept any of these offers, or wait until the end of the advertisement (to automatically accept the best offer).
  • OR

  • Make Offers To Others: you offer your item to other people who are looking to sell cars.
    1. Find People: you can search or browse for other people who are selling cars.
    2. Make An Offer: make an offer to other people, who can then accept your offer

Additional Information

Use these screens for more information and help about using SwapAce:


This is a key to the various styles used in help articles:

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