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SwapAce Offers You Choice

Choose to make simultaneous offers

On most auction sites you bid on one item at a time - or risk winning more than 1 of what you want: e.g. if you want a computer and see 3 you like, if you bid on all 3 you might end up with all 3 if you happen to be the highest bidder- or none of them if you're outbided.

So on other sites, it's not your choice.

At SwapAce the choice is yours.

You can safely make offers on all 3 - and as soon as 1 offer is accepted, our system withdraws the other 2.

SwapAce can manage your offers for you. All you have to do is create a 'wish-list' of items that you would like to buy, sell or swap.

Choose to make counter-offers

You can make an offer in response to another. It's like making an offer but you use the 'Make Counter-Offer - Selection' screen to help guide you (helpful when e.g. multiple items are involved in the original offer).

Choose to negotiate

Choose to do more than counter offer.

You can negotiate all aspects of an agreement, from the price to the terms and conditions.

Choose to barter

You can swap or barter anything for anything.
The choice is yours.

  • Products for Products
  • Services for Services
  • Products for Products & Money
  • Services for Services & Money
  • Products for Services
  • Anything for Anything

At SwapAce you choose the way you trade, the people you trade with, the place you trade and the time you trade.

No deadlines, no pressure.

Choose to participate

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