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Send Catalogue Screen

For Personal Use For Business/Shop Use
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What do I use this screen for?

The 'Send Catalogue' screen is part of the 'Send Catalogue' process.

The 'Send Catalgoue' screen is used to send a link (of a trader's catalogue) to other people. You have the ability to send your own catalogue, or, send the catalogue of another trader.

Why Send An Item List?

Sending an 'Item List' can be great (and even fun) for many purposes (including but not limited to):

  • For personal use such as a 'wish-list' or gift registry to give other people ideas for your birthday, christmas, wedding or anniversary, or, get someone else to list stuff they want for the same occasions
  • If you own a business, use it as a catalogue to send to all your customers. SwapAce is a great place to setup a business, and the cost to you? FREE
  • Use it as a fun way to share stuff with family and friends
  • Use it to just plain show off! (e.g. you may have a collection of stamps, coins or memorabilia that you would love other people to see)

How do I use this screen?

  1. Enter Email Address(es): enter the email addresses of the people you would like to send the item list to.
  2. Enter Subject: this subject has been pre-filled for you. You can change this subject to whatever you like.
  3. Enter Message: this message has been pre-filled for you. You can change this message to whatever you like
  4. Select 'Send' Button.

What else should I know about this screen?

Trader Details Sidebar this screen uses the 'Trader Details' sidebar.

Create Your 'Catalogue' Now! start adding items to your 'Catalogue' so that you can start sending it! You can create an item by following the steps in the 'How Do I Create An Item?' help article.


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