How Do I Meet People?

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SwapAce allows you to meet people. There are two ways a trader can meet people:

  1. Advertise An Item: advertise an item stating your desire to find meet / find someone.
    Other people may make offers and send messages to this advertisement.
  2. AND/OR

  3. Make An Offer: make an offer to someone else's advertisement where they would like to meet/find someone.


To learn different ways that you can use SwapAce to meet, please see Example Ways To Use SwapAce.

For a step-by-step example on how to meet, see the following help articles:

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How Do Traders Know I Am Looking For Someone?

When you create an advertisement, you are publicly announcing / advertising a particular want or desire. You may specify the details of the who, how and when etc... of who you would like to find / meet and then advertise!

  1. Create An Item: see 'How Do I Create An Item?' help article.
  2. Advertise Your Item: see 'How Do I Advertise An Item?' help article.
  3. Wait For A Response: you will receive an email when someone makes an offer to your advertisement, however, you can always view the status of your offers on the 'My Offers' screen. For each offer you receive, you can choose to accept the offer, decline the offer or make a 'counter-offer'.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Looking?

Traders can advertise that they would like to meet / find someone in an advertisement, see below for more information:

  1. Find An Advertisement: 'Search' or 'Browse' for advertisements that want to find / meet other traders.
  2. Make Your Offer ('Make Offer' screen): make an offer to the advertisement. Alternatively, you may send a message to the trader with any questions you may have.
  3. Wait For A Response: the advertiser may choose to accept your offer, decline your offer or make a 'counter-offer'. You will be sent an email with their response, however, you can always view the status of your offers on the 'My Offers' screen.

Additional Information

Use these screens for more information and help about using SwapAce: