How Do I Prioritise An Advertisement?

Prioritise An Advertisement Now.

What are the benefits of prioritising?

Prioritising your advertisement will make your advertisement stand out by making it appear before any non-priority advertisements. The more credits you bid, the higher your advertisement will be on the list of priority listings. This enhancement shows on the following screens:

  • 'Search Results' screen
  • Homepage, Community Pages and other "Landing Pages" that have traffic directed to them
  • Emails that are sent to all of our traders

The more you bid, the higher you will appear on the list.

Please Note: there is up to a 48 hour delay between the time you advertise your item and the time it will appear on the Homepage, Community Pages, other "Landing Pages" and emails that are sent to all of our traders.

How do I use this process?

  1. Select 'Add Enhancement' Button:

    Example Of Where To Enhance An Advertisement

  2. Complete 'Enhance Advertisement' Screen: for more information, see 'Enhance Advertisement' screen.
  3. Complete 'Enhance Advertisement - Confirmation' Screen: for more information, see 'Enhance Advertisement - Confirmation' screen.

Other Information