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Select this tab to go to the UniSwap Home-Page.

Select this tab to go to the 'My Stuff (My Home)' screen. This is where you can manage your stuff.

Select this tab to go to the 'Browse' screen. This screen allows you to find and sort advertisements.

Select this tab to go to the 'Community' screen. This is where you can browse and learn more about UniSwap communities.

Select this tab to go to the 'Help Overview' screen. This screen allows you to access help for UniSwap.



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SwapAce Home-page Screen

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What do I use this screen for?

The 'SwapAce Home-Page' screen is the main entry point for the SwapAce system.

This screen also provides a brief overview of SwapAce features, example items, help system, promotions and provides a 'log-in' facility.

How do I use this screen?

There are many options available from this screen.

  • Need Help? select the help link.
  • Log-In: if you already have an account on SwapAce, then you can log-in to SwapAce by selecting 'Login' at the top left-hand side of the screen.
  • Browse by Category: select a category to view items within that category.
  • View Recent Items Added to SwapAce: see the 'Haves' & 'Wants clipboards (towards the bottom of the screen).
  • Search for Items in SwapAce: use the 'search' bar found beneath the top toolbar tabs to search for items within SwapAce.
  • View a SwapAce Community: select an 'interest' or 'location' community group from the 'Choose Your Group' box found within the 'Home' sidebar

What else should I know about this screen?

  • Home Sidebar: this screen uses the 'Home' sidebar.
  • Sign-Up (Register): if you are new to SwapAce and are visiting for the first time, select the 'Join Now' banner or 'Sign-Up' section on the 'Home' sidebar to register.


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