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SwapAce Groups :: The Choice For Communities

Who to trust?

With the world just a click away, online shopping and trading can attract scammers and spammers. Until now, you didn't know who you're dealing with or who you could trust.

SwapAce has the solution - secure online trading for your community. Communities like your town, university, association or cycling group are trusted communities, where your members share common values, interests and trust each other. Now with SwapAce you can trade with the people you trust.

Trading locally makes sense

What's in it for you?

Being close by makes swapping goods and services easy, like selling things your kids have outgrown or swapping guitar lessons for lawn mowing, or sharing transport with others who travel the same route.

  • Keep your money in the community;
  • Trade with people you know and trust;
  • Save time and money in travel and freight;
  • Check out goods before you buy;
  • Pick them up yourself, if you want to; and
  • If you need help, it's close by.

SwapAce fits with your community

  • A marketplace to sell, buy & swap goods and services;
  • A forum to meet, chat and share news;
  • A place to find out or advertise news, events, activities;
  • A bulletin board to post or find jobs, accommodation;
  • A convenient place to connect with your community.

Find out more about all the possibilities that SwapAce offers.

How does it work?

SwapAce provides your community a unique URL eg., accessible to community members only. Content on your site is specific to your members' needs and is protected from scammers and spammers. Your domain is a gated community where members can leave but non-members can't enter - unless you invite them.

What does SwapAce provide?

Your domain and the tools to trade and interact, all fully maintained for you. Your members post the content and your community administers the domain.

What's in it for SwapAce ?

Depending on circumstances, there are no setup fees or long term contracts. We ask you to link your new SwapAce community domain to your existing website and promote it to your community. We only charge small fees for trades and enhanced ads (check out our great value).

Be part of the newest trend, save money on travel, trading and meeting, give your community unique benefits and enhance its interaction and cohesion.

Contact us to find out how setting up a SwapAce group can benefit your community.


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