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Get SwapAce Ads Delivered

Get the community delivered to you

SwapAce is RSS-enabled. What that stands for is a long story that can easily be found elsewhere, but what it can mean to you is convenience:

Stay in touch with stuff you're interested in without having to look for it yourself: information gets delivered to your computer!

Every advertisement that's published on SwapAce gets 'broadcast' on our RSS-feed automatically:

  • Get advertisements delivered to you without any effort or cost;
  • Reach people who may be interested in your advertisements automatically.

Staying up-to-date is easy and free

You can easily add the SwapAce feed to your favourite news reader by using the following link:

Subscribe to the SwapAce advertisement feed (it's free!)

If you have no idea what a news reader is or aren't sure whether you have one, we recommend FireFox, the free browser that brings you RSS-feeds as simple 'Live Bookmarks': easily accessible links that are updated constantly.

Tweak to your taste (for advanced RSS users)

If you're interested in only a specific kind of advertisements (e.g. your special interest or your local area) we recommend you specify this in filters in your news reader.

Should you want to specify an update frequency, we recommend to check every hour.


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