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"free passes to ESTEE LAUDER factory warehouse" Summary

Item#: 21366

Trader: maymona (0)
Wants To: obtain this item
Price: FREE
Free: Give This For FREE!
Location: United States (long island, new york) see map

"free passes to ESTEE LAUDER factory warehouse" Description

these are paper passes sometimes given out to employees of ESTEE LAUDER to give to friends and family also given to certain groups like hospitals,banks etc.they only have a sale 2 to 3 times a year and you cannot get in without a pass. this is not a pass to the factory store but to the warehouse

Payment, Delivery/Shipping & Other Important Details

Delivery/Shipping Payment:
The advertiser is willing to make payments for shipping/delivery (to another party) using any of these payment options:
  • Credit Card

If delivery/shipping is required, then the options that the advertiser is willing to accept are:
  • Advertiser pays all delivery/shipping [?]

    This means the advertiser is to pay any relevant delivery/shipping costs for all items involved in the transaction.

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