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"Fully Restored 1987 Harley Davidson 883" Summary

Item#: 960286
Trader: Seanp1962 (0)
Wants To: provide this item
Location: Australia (Cockburn central, Perth, Western Australia) see map

"Fully Restored 1987 Harley Davidson 883" Description

Fully restored 1987 Harley Davidson 883. Bike was stripped down to the frame and most parts replaced. Kept original engine, frame, wheels, starter, carb most other items are new. Engine only done 5000 miles. Bike was stripped down to frame and all painted including engine. Custom air brushing on tank and fenders. Bike runs, rides and looks the business.

Selling for $6150 or Willing to look at swap/trade for a ute or car depending on type with any agreed balance of value in cash as long as it's ready to go all rego etc is mechanically sound and looks reasonably good. Anything considered

It has new:

Front end increased from 36mm to 41mm forks including new triple.

New drilled brake rotors

All new electrics

All new handle bar controls/switches

All new brake and clutch levers including cables

All new front and rear fenders

New front and back lights Australian standards

New indicators Australian standard and includes spare Prison style to put on after inspection to match headlight

New skeleton style mirrors.

New ignition key/barrel

New clutch

New oil filter

New oil pressure sender

New foot pegs

New rear brake pedal

New gear pedal

New rear sprocket

New HD chain

New Mustang fuel tank including pep cock and petrol caps and fittings

New Banana seat

Starter motor redressed

Carburettor redressed

New air filter cover.

New rear brake chrome cover

New chrome oil tank cover inc cap

New chrome battery cover

New chrome electrical cover

New chrome coil cover

New HT leads

New rear suspension (Progressive)

New front and rear tyres

New digital speedometer with all warning lights, indicators etc fitted. Australian standard

New battery

New braided brake lines front and rear

New petrol caps

New fuel line

New baffles in exhaust pipes.

New chrome ignition cover

New electrics in most of bike including fuse box upgraded from original Harley type period fuses.

21-22km on new Australian standard electronic speedo. Comes with original import documentation showing original mileage. Have plenty of before/after photos to show work done. This bike is an 80's classic made to look like a 1960's bike but with all new bits. It looks better than new and a one off in Australia. Can't find a standard one let alone a custom like this.

Payment, Delivery/Shipping & Other Important Details

The advertiser is willing to accept payments (from another party) using any of these payment options:
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)

The advertiser is willing to make payments (to another party) using any of these payment options:
  • Direct Bank Deposit

If delivery/shipping is required, then the options that the advertiser is willing to accept are:
  • Meet in person [?]

    This means the advertiser, and the successful offerer, are to meet in person and exchange any relevant items/money.

Additional comments by Seanp1962 for this advertisement:
Fully Resored Harley Davidson 1987 883 For Swap or trade

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