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Our Organisation

SwapAce is an organisation with the vision to be "the fun, unique, trusted marketplace, where millions worldwide interact".

Please see below for a profile of some of the people who have helped to bring SwapAce to you.

Key Management & Advisors

John Lloyd

John Lloyd has spent the last 15 years in business development and staff training, having been instrumental in the establishment and development of over 400 businesses. John spent over 25 years in various accounting and personnel management positions with the Reserve Bank of Australia. John is currently a director on the board of several businesses, ranging from manufacturing for the automotive industry to IT, telecommunications and hospitality.

Joseph Renzi

Joseph Renzi is the CEO & Managing Director of SwapAce. Joseph is a highly motivated and creative entrepreneur with leadership, project management and information technology experience. Joseph has over 18 years of leadership and project management experience, including 7 years in financial organisations, supported by 18 years experience in community and educational institutions. Joseph has over 22 years of information technology & telecommunications experience through various significant roles, supported by over 8 years in large organisations.

Luke Wyrsta

Luke Wyrsta is one of the founders of SwapAce and helps manage Business Development. Luke's other roles include management of the SwapAce team in the absence of the CEO, marketing, system specification and testing. Luke has attended various educational institutions including Trinity Grammar School, Sylvania High School, George's River Senior College and is currently undertaking studies at the Securities Institute. Luke's other interests include sport, fly fishing, cars, IT and surfing.

Scott Carson

Scott Carson has extensive commercial experience in the areas of finance, operations, marketing, supply chain and general management. Scott has previously held senior positions with Owens Group, Gluck Forwarding and Glen Cameron Group. Since 2003 , Scott has been a Director of Carson Business, a business consultancy firm based in Sydney. His professional qualifications include qualified accountant (PNA), chartered secretary (ACIS) and he holds an MBA from Monash University.

Walter Annen

Walter Annen has experience as a business coach with Action International and has the invaluable asset of being able to call on the experience and ideas of over 450 fellow coaches around the world. Walter worked for over 38 years in the hospitality industry on four continents. For over 20 years, Walter held the position of General Manager and Area Director in charge of a number of units in different locations for the Hilton International Group. Walter was involved in building management (including the coaching of senior staff), sales & marketing, human resources activities, as well as finance and planning.

Team Members

Adelaide Delpin

Adelaide successfully completed a 20 year career with Westpac Banking Corporation and then operated her own computer accounting business. Adelaide brings a wide range of banking, accounting and managerial skills to the SwapAce team and takes a strong interest in staff development and organisational structure.

Alan Bartlett

I completed my HSC at George's River College Oatley Campus, and taking Mark Twain's advice to heart, I never let my schooling interfere with my education. I have no real experience to speak of, but I make good coffee and provide comic relief in times of need, which makes me an integral part of any real team unit. Plans for University are kind of non existent, except maybe to study Japanese and/or Philosophy which, as Bruce Lee once said, means I can have deep thoughts about being unemployed.

Alwin Chin

Alwin graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Software Engineering Degree with honours. He has had various development experiences having worked in consulting, financial institutions, and pure IT firms. He enjoys developing tools that speed up processes and improve quality of life. He is a client focused individual with solid knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle. When he isn't on the computer, he enjoys playing his guitar, reading and catching up with friends from church and Uni. He also plays volleyball, swimming, basketball and is trying his hand at golf.

Ben Hudson

Ben was educated at Tregear Preschool. Further education included primary school, high school and university. Ben has worked as an outdoor education instructor and as a research programmer for the University of New South Wales. Ben likes: "The Office", British cinema, the ocean, Mag Lights, RISK, Star Wars, Texas Hold'Em, Soccer, Sydney, sailing, tax deductions, physics, skiing, Paul's Hamburgers, Coca-cola, Apples. Ben dislikes: Microsoft, Star Trek, Reality Television, NFL, Tax, Early Mornings, KFC.

Caleb Brown

I am a programmer. I have started many projects, although for some reason I don't seem to have finished any of them. Maybe one day I'll finish coding this website.

Chris Allum

Beginning his education as a fresh faced toddler back in 1990 at the world famous Jacaranda preschool, Chris showed particular interest in computer graphics and software design. On completion of his first project Chris earned world wide fame and celebrity status for not only the development, but also creating the infrastructure required, for something as large a scale as his project "The World Wide Web" (or "Internet" as it is now commonly known.)* On the completion of preschool, Chris attended Lilli Pilli public school where he enjoyed childhood games such as handball and "catch and kiss". Struggling with arithmetic, Chris left school to pursue other walks of life. Chris enjoys sport, in particular Surf Life Saving and Swimming. Studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at Sydney University, Chris hopes to create a future of "da Vinci's" and "Einstein's" under his guidance. His role at SwapAce is as a Consultant and office clown. *Note: some information may not be true.

David Tralaggan

Strong Christian, deeply involved in sport including: alpine skiing, body boarding, cross country, and strength training. Currently studying, with a future aim of medicine. Excited about SwapAce, and the future.

Jun Zhang

I graduated from UTS, studying Internetworking. I found programming interesting and try to be an "efficient" programmer because I believe “an efficient programmer is a good programmer”, but I’m a hard-working person when playing pc or ps2 games. I like table tennis very much and could be a ping pong coach when I'm old. Basketball (NBA) also is one of my favorites, but I find it hard to find a people who like basketball in Sydney :)

Kurniawan Wijaya

Kurni works as a PHP developer at He finished his IT bachelor degree at RMIT in 2005. He has strong interest in the Internet and playing around with new technologies for web development.

Mark Chan

Mark works as a PHP developer at He finished his Computer Science bachelor degree at UNSW in 2005. He is also an enthusiastic programmer who enjoys working with languages like C, java, php, SQL etc. His interest includes video gaming, playing badminton, violin and driving.

Mary Renzi

I am married with two adult children. I worked in our family run restaurant which we sold after 10 years. After staying at home for a year I started to get bored with just doing home duties, so (because I enjoy working with people) I went to work for Grace Bros as a salesperson for 8 years. I am now happy being at home and love to travel. My favourite pastime is playing scrabble on the computer and cooking.

Max Chung

I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in the University of Technology, Sydney. I'm doing work experience at SwapAce. I have a special interest in computers and programming. While I'm not working at SwapAce, studying and sitting in front of a computer, I enjoy playing sports with my friends, reading and watching TV.

Natalie Mostyn

Natalie Mostyn has a strong background in marketing and has run her own marketing consulting business for major Australian clients. Natalie has recently completed her Masters degree in marketing.

Oded Simmon

Oded Simmon has over 15 years of IT experience. Oded has strong Project Management and Software Development experience in all facets of IT, including the Internet, Client-Server and infrastructure projects. Oded has successfully managed small to large scale IT projects, from initiation to completion, according to agreed budget, time and quality.

Reta Annen

Reta has enjoyed the experience of living in different countries on four continents. It also gave her the opportunity to develop as an artist. She works in a range of media, but particularly likes to experiment in different printing techniques and batik. She has exhibited in Australia, Switzerland and Dubai.

Ryan Shelley

Ryan joined SwapAce in an effort to pay off his poker debt to a friend, and fellow SwapAce employee, Chris Allum. It also provided a fantastic opportunity for him to gain some industrial experience before he completes his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Commerce at the University of Sydney. Apart from enjoying long moonlit walks on the beach, collecting insects and French knitting, Ryan is also a successful Surf Life Saver and enjoys flogging colleague Chris Allum in many a surf race, board race, belt race and Ironman events.

Steve Cheng

Steve works as a UNIX and Infrastructure Administrator for SwapAce. He is also completing his bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at UNSW. Steve has strong interest in Voice over IP, networking and UNIX based operating systems. Steve enjoys sports and plays soccer as well as competitive basketball on a regular basis.

Sunnie Yu

Sunnie works as a PHP developer. Sunnie completed her bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of New South Wales. Outside of SwapAce, Sunnie enjoys reading and tennis.

Tom Hsu

Tom works as a PHP developer. Tom completed his bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of Mew South Wales. Tom enjoys playing computer games and watching TV shows.

Tony Dong

Tony works as a PHP developer for SwapAce. He is currently finishing off his last year of university, studying at UNSW for a bachelor of computer engineering. His interests include video gaming, rock-climbing and partying with friends.

Toran Awasthi

I completed my bachelor of computer science degree at Wollongong University. I work as a systems tester at I love travelling to new places and have a passion for cooking.

Willem Jansen

Willem-Jan has 5 years experience as product manager in leading internet and telecom companies in the highly competitive Dutch market and has operated at the interface of technology, people and commerce for over a decade. His academic background as M.Sc. in innovation management and M.A. in cognitive science has given him a unique insight in the way people interact with and through technology. He combines this knowledge with his commercial skills and experience in developing, managing and marketing useful, useable and successful products/services and enabling others in doing so. His best kept secret is that he gave up Curling to move to Australia (and vice versa).

Our Websites, Awards & Accolades
Hundreds of thousands of traders from over 150 countries and growing
Online Gift Registry & Wishing Well
An Official Partnership with University Student Unions
Helping Australians Recycle
A new community marketplace for TheSouthernHighlands

Awarded Top 10 Coolest Companies

Awarded Government Grant for Innovation

Recognised as Leading E-Entrepreneurs

Awarded Innovative Technology

Other Credits:

Some of the other entities that have helped to make SwapAce possible:

Awarded Top 10 Coolest Companies Awarded Government Grant for Innovation Recognised as Leading E-Entrepreneurs Awarded Innovative Technology
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