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Unique Trading System


SwapAce has a number of patented features that create a unique trading system and a fun marketplace to be a part of - register now (free).

Electronic Bartering System

Swap anything for anything.

See 'How Do I Barter?'

Electronic Negotiation System

You can make multiple offers and counter-offers until you are happy with all the terms of the agreement.

See 'How Do I Negotiate?'

Offer Management System

You can make multiple offers to multiple people (not just one person) until you reach an agreement that you are happy with (and our system will automatically ensure that you never enter into more agreements than you want to).

See our 'Offer Management System (OMS)'

Auto-Matching Technology

Coming Soon ...

Stay tuned for some exciting new features, like our patented "Auto-Matching Technology".

Want to know more?

You might like to have a look at 'SwapAce :: The Marketplace Of Choice'

Awarded Top 10 Coolest Companies Awarded Government Grant for Innovation Recognised as Leading E-Entrepreneurs Awarded Innovative Technology
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